Secret Ingredients of great CX: Emotional Intelligence and a Human Voice

Posted On: July 11, 2019

While the world adopts Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make customer interactions quick and efficient, customers worldwide are increasingly looking for humans to solve their concerns.

According to Harvard Business Review, over 75% of consumers across 12 countries claim that they would want to talk to a human, even as technology progresses.

Busting a myth

It is a common misconception that chatbots and IVRs are intended to solve all customer issues when these technologies can only solve repetitive interactions; ones that support agents don’t have to put in too much effort for. Technology, however, is best used to free up employees and enhance their frontline efficiency to allow them to engage and maintain better relations with customers.

80% of business leaders believe that human interactions with their customers bring them an edge over their competition, as the level of customer comfort and satisfaction is automatically maintained better with a human touch.

The right balance between the use of machines and humans requires careful study of a consumer’s behavior towards both mediums. While interactive tech is convenient and boosts speed of processing requests and queries, empathy and emotional intelligence can only be communicated through a support associate.

Experiences vs. Products

Most businesses turn to technology and automation to bring down call center support costs. The millennial generation today, as mentioned before, values experiences over products or the price; and do not want to feel like a mere number or transaction processing. A PwC study states that most customers would pay a premium close to 16% for products across categories if guaranteed a good experience.

As the world goes digital, more and more customer touch points emerge; with the size of the global middle class rising, the number of consumers and demand for products and services have also seen one of its highest points.

Technology as a means to an end

Businesses may not be able to solve their CX concerns with technology alone. Being an enabler, facilitating interactions between associates and customers, technology blended with emotional intelligence creates a holistic approach to effective customer experience.

You wouldn’t need to search far and wide for these solutions – your employees hold the key to the secret ingredients for great customer experience.

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