Searchability – Key to Successful Knowledge Management System

Posted On: May 1, 2017

Knowledge is an invaluable resource for customers & agents when resolving end-user issues. Ease of finding required information is vital part of a knowledge management system deployed across customer touchpoints, call centers, self-care tools, and others. The biggest pain point of customer service is non-knowledgeable agents, followed by difficulty finding answers, as per findings published by KM World.

Moreover, a well-structured knowledge base serves as a driver of self-care support. Allowing customers find answers to their queries/issues themselves helps reduce support tickets, and hence, cost. Though deploying a knowledge management system is essential, easy content discoverability ensures successful interactions & improves support quality.

  • Help Agents Deliver Instant Resolutions:
  • Often dealing with a limited information, agents should be able to quickly find solutions to problems/queries raised by customers. According to Customer Service Benchmark Report, cited by Super Office Blog, only 11% of companies are able to resolve customer issues at the first contact. Also, the average response time taken to handle a customer service request is quite high, 15 hours & 17 minutes.
    Here, empowering agents with a knowledge base with easy navigation and search ensures that their problem solving skills are up to the mark to deliver instant resolutions.

  • Knowledge-centered Support:
  • Customers take support agents and company websites as storehouse of knowledge regarding their products & related issues. Service providers should deploy a customer service knowledge management solution comprising of the required , relevant information.
    Moreover, providing relevant information isn’t enough if the agents or customers are not able to find what they need. The knowledge database should be equipped with intelligent navigation & search options to make it simplify finding the required information, when needed.

  • Promote Self-service Use & Experience:
  • Customers today prefer self-service over agent-based support channels, as stated by a Forrester blog. Though self-care helps deflect support calls, yet a successful self-service approach requires making relevant information available and easily locatable on site.
    Thus, integrating navigation and search features with self-care tools & communities helps optimize user experience and improves customer satisfaction.


As per finding on KM World stated above, a leading North American telecom company observed a drop of 17% and 19% in average handling time & incoming calls respectively with knowledge-based self-service.

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