Actionable Analytics For Enterprises

IoT backed by AI & Machine Learning capabilities creating new pathways for business optimization.

What We Do?

Strengthening Security Management

Never sacrifice on safety of assets & business. Adapt Video cloud surveillance with live streaming to ensure security of space.

Redefining Operational Efficiency

In ever-engaging work environment enable actionable analytics to maximize security and manage operational activities.

Amplifying Customer Experience

With today’s digitally transforming era, gain data driven insights for brand auditing & consumer journey mapping.

Empowering Device Ecosystem

Monitor regular work-flows of hygiene, air quality & temperature through a unified platform.

How we do it?


Smartly & swiftly sense activities before any mishap occur. V-SaaS oriented solution observe unfavourable activities and ensure protection with awareness at workplace and large premises.


Gather monitored data at a single place & analyze it with a digital vision. Assisting businesses bring more efficiency to their operational setup that create an ideal business environment.


Keep 24/7 security check while maintaining work set-up cater to mandatory SOPs. Dynamic action capabilities take advanced care of security management while enhancing in-store customer experience.

Video Cloud Platform Features:

Connectivity Management

  • Network Testing
  • SIM Management
  • Secure VPN

Video Analytics

  • People Counting
  • Face Recognition
  • Temperature Detection

Alerts and Notifications

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Escalation Management
  • Custom Rule Alerts


  • SOP Adherence
  • Footfall Measurement
  • Peak Period Data

Command Center

  • Centralized Alarm Monitoring
  • Mobile & Desktop Dashboard
  • Video Retrieval Tendency