Mobile Self Care Apps – Customer Support Benefits for Telecoms

Posted On: October 28, 2016

A strong business-customer connect is the key to customer retention, which depends largely on the quality of after-sales service delivered. Self-service solutions like mobile self care apps, FAQs, and others go a long way in improving customer retention metrics.

With more customers getting connected with time, the expectations for a better quality service are growing with time. The number and frequency of channels used by customers have increased. According to Forrester, the usage rate has increased significantly for self-service channels, including FAQs, virtual assistants, communities, and others.

Moreover, with the increasing penetration of smartphones in the market, delivering on-device self-care and self-healing solutions can improve customer satisfaction. Some of the benefits of deploying a mobile self care application are discussed below:

Faster Response Time

The speed of response to a query by customer service representatives significantly affects how they value the brand. 77% of customers think that the most important thing a brand can do for them is value their time, a stat from  Forrester’s report published by Parature.

With a self-healing solution on the user device, subscribers can get their issues resolved in negligible time, sometimes even before they could know about it. This reduces the volume of support calls and frees up agents to address critical customer-facing issues, in a timely manner.

Better Brand Value & Revenue

Delivering support service to customers attracts more loyalty and satisfaction and helps create a better brand value. However, mobile self care apps offer a non-intrusive marketing channel where customers are open to exploring offers displayed as per their usage. This creates a stronger, positive impression on the customer’s mind.

This mobile selfcare application can be used to promote other value-added services and products to existing  pre-designed app, customized to your brand and deliver valuable services to your subscribers.

Convenience for Customers

With multiple support options available today, every customer has a different channel preference. A self-service solution on mobile is one of the most convenient option that most users prefer, as they use their mobile devices for various different tasks. Thus, with such a solution, your customers are likely to think that you are making efforts to make the support process easy and convenient for them.

Thus, mobile self care apps help create strong business-customer relationships, attracting a higher increased customer loyalty for better business growth.

Multilingual Capability

Globalization has expanded the outreach of businesses to different physical and cultural geographies. Now, when customers’ native language varies with their ethnicity, companies should deliver solutions with multilingual support.

Almost every mobile self care solution available today offers multilingual support, allowing subscribers get resolutions in their native language. This leaves a long lasting positive brand impression, ensuring complete satisfaction for customers and better business.

Thus, if you are looking forward to creating a compelling brand value and deliver the best customer service, you should invest in quality self-service. With instant, convenient resolutions, customized branding options, & multilingual capabilities, a mobile self care solution ensures a positive brand value and business success.

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