Mobile Device Management Solutions

Posted On: March 29, 2012

It will not be wrong to call this time as a Smartphone era, because Smartphones are controlling the whole universe. It will be really difficult to imagine our life without these Smartphones. There is no field or no industry which has not been affected by these wireless devices or wireless technology. With the advent of this technology or wireless devices, mobile device security has become one of the major concerns.

People are using mobile phones, laptops, tablets, I pads etc. to access information. The launch of data services has given everyone an opportunity to be mobile. The mobile devices getting connected to different servers at different times make these devices more prone to viruses, hacking etc. risks. The data security has main priority for every enterprise, organization or corporate houses. And on the top of this data leakage news has made organizations aware of the fact that they have to protect their data. So the need for mobile device security and mobile device management is must.

KocharTech is pioneer in providing these mobile device management solutions. We are end to end solution provider for managing, monitoring, maintaining the devices. Our extensive range of mobile device management solutions includes services like OTA settings and Configuration, Remote Mobile Access, Remote Mobile Diagnostics. KocharTech offers a platform to enterprises which help them in managing, remotely controlling and closely monitoring their corporate devices. We ensure the flawless and smooth performance of your mobiles, tablets and other wireless devices. Our MDM solutions help the mobile industry achieve greater resource, process and cost effectiveness. With our MDM techniques and OTA technology enterprises can configure the devices automatically Over-The-Air in no time. Software’s and applications can be installed and uninstalled, device sacts remote control which are further used to control couple of devices. All this can be done with the help our MDM solutions.

The highly scalable architecture of Mobile Device Management is designed to support organizations with hundreds to thousands of devices by leveraging best-in class hosting and network operations.

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