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Nurturing Customer Experience

Successful customer experience strategies rely on satisfied customer interactions. In practice, this means empowering their digital journey by delivering quick, appropriate, and consistent responses in the precise moments when they need assistance.

Satisfied Customers


Make your customers feel cared for. Deliver personalized support through interactive picture guides and decision tree-based tutorials.

Faster Access to Knowledge

Faster Access
to Knowledge

Increase the ease of accessing knowledge. A well-structured knowledge base drives self service and enables agents deliver instant resolutions.

Minimise Costs


Structured knowledge flow helps agents deliver quick resolutions. Easing knowledge access over customer self-help channels reduces tickets and cost-to-serve.

Converting Content into Actionable Knowledge

Content Management

Content Management

Efficient management & neat structuring of knowledge base for its effective use.

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Decision Trees

Reducing complex interactions into easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides.

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Decision Trees
Picture Guides

Picture Guides

Empowering agents & customers with visual navigation towards solutions.

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Bot Training

Empower your bot with a rich knowledge base. Create intent, dialogues, and entities.

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Bot Training
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Bringing life in CX for the Augmented Customer

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Making Life Easier for Customers & Support Teams


Omni-channel Support

Omni-channel Support

Works with all digital channels and bots.

  • Supports self-service over website & app
  • Helps agents & bots deliver quick resolutions
  • Helps the staff close tickets quickly at brick-and-mortar
Natural Language Processing


Understand and process user intent to direct customers to relevant solutions.

  • Capture user sentiment such as anger, joy, disappointment, etc.
  • Identify the product, event, incident, etc. tied to the sentiment
  • Understand gist of a particular sentence or phrase

Predictive Search & Findability

Organized knowledge articles facilitate easy information findability for customers.

  • Content availability in structured sections & categories
  • Customized labels, search, and filters
  • Refined view of content

Support Teams


Analytics for Better
Customer Experience

Analyse user activity & use contextual insights to deliver a better customer experience.

  • See most searched web pages, posts, and articles
  • Avoid providing repeat information to customers
  • Drive shorter resolution time

Integration with Currently used CRM & 3rd Party Systems

Seamless collaboration helps find everything at one place. On a single screen.

  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Siebel

User Management &
Content Access

Add/remove users, send them updates, and let all teams work together.

  • Quickly enroll/expel users
  • Send individual/ group notifications for updates
  • Let all teams utilize a unified content resource
Product Demo

Product Demo

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