Managed Services

Fully managed services cover all aspects like network connectivity, customizations, support, and others


A complete range of services, from deployment to asset tracking, optimization, management, and security.

Support your customers with an integrated management of M2M assets and services, assisting them at every point of their lifecycle.

Stop worrying and start managing with a unified platform

Immediate Implementation

Ready to implement solutions let you begin delivering your services to the connected world in no-time

Cost Saving

Save on establishment and maintenance of in-house staff and technologies for dedicated services

One-Stop Solution

Avail the benefits of getting all your requirements met from a single service provider, with an easy-to-control and manage unified management interface

Integrated Platform

Manage and monitor all your services and assets, integrated into a single-control panel

Industrial-ready Solutions

Deploy your M2M services rapidly, with the managed services platform

Security & Safety

Security measures enabled across wireless connectivity and other solutions for your M2M needs

Remote Management

Fetch report data, monitor and control deployed smart sensors & devices remotely.

  • Flexibile Managed Services can be deployed to meet diverse business needs.

  • Managed services extend the outreach, and enhance capabilities of your M2M offerings.

  • Multiple operations are devised to maintain uptime, optimize efficiency, and management of multiple devices.

Solution Demo

Book a demo and walk-through the way Managed Services will solve your problems in real-time.

Solution Brochure

For more detailed information on Managed Services, download the brochure

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