Reduce unnecessary returns for devices and save on the costs involved.


Self Healing & Remote Diagnostic Tool to Prevent No Fault Found Device Returns.

Remotely address device issues and avoid unnecessary returns.

Happy Customers. Fewer Support Issues. Reduced Costs.

Reduce Returns & Repairs

Remotely detecting and resolving issues significantly reduces the need of sending the device back for returns and repairs.

Improve Customer Experience

GizmoDoctor enables you support proactively. Customers feel happier when their issues get resolved quickly & efficiently.

Address Customer Challenges

Meet the challenge of frustrating waiting times for repair, lengthy return processes, and device issues with ease.

Device Performance

Measure CPU & RAM usage remotely and take actions that enhance device performance.

Hardware Tests

Check the working status of different hardware modules attached to the device remotely.

Remote Management

View device info and other performance metrics like battery status & hardware health from a web interface remotely.

Self Care

The self care feature automatically detects and resolves basic device issues.

  • End-to-end support enables unparalleled customer experience, gaining satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Turn user hassle to a happy experience. Build a strong brand image and maintain the same.

  • Reduced returns, proactive support, and quick resolutions contribute to cost savings.

Product Demo

Understand how GizmoDoctor integrates with your solutions to improve your support experience. Request a Demo.

Product Brochure

For more detailed information on Gizmo Doctor, download the brochure.

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