Comprehensive Monitoring & IoT Solutions for Retail Stores.

It is important to ensure that retail stores are safe & hygienic. To run them successfully, it is essential to deliver seamless customer experience, adhering to brand SOPs, and deter pilferage. Our IoT platform integrates sensors & cameras to put a protective layer over retail stores & capture valuable data from smart devices. Our framework converts this data to actionable analytics for safety, security, and smarter business outcomes.

Challenges We Solve

Inconsistent<br>Brand Experience

Brand Experience

No Productivity<br>Benchmarks

No Productivity

Lots of Data<br>No Actionable Insights

Lots of Data
No Actionable Insights

Costly & Ineffective<br>Audit Mechanism

Costly & Ineffective
Audit Mechanism

Reactive<br>Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems





Decentralised<br>Data Security

Data Security

Business Benefits through Technology

Business Efficiency

  • 24/7 Visibility on Operations
  • Identify Productivity Gaps
  • Enhance Business Efficiency


Business Efficiency Builds Stronger Bottom Lines

Our IoT platform has been built to facilitate seamless business operations. Our integrated cameras & sensors empower you to keep a 24/7 visibility on operations & employees to map the gaps in productivity and operational efficiency. Just tap your smartphone screen and take hold of things, no matter where you are.

Customer Experience

  • Comply with Brand Parameters
  • Create an Optimal Business Environment
  • Deliver the Desired Customer Experience


Helping you put Customer First

From identifying your employees’ adherence to the code of conduct to watch if the office opened on time, we help you know everything that brings out good customer experience. Keeping a strict check on brand parameters like consistent floor layout, assistance protocol, and more; we ensure your customers are treated aptly.

Safety & Security Management

  • Real Time Alerts & Notifications
  • Take Proactive Safety Steps
  • Avoid Unwanted Incidents


A Connected Ecosystem for Safety & Security

Safety & security is no more a synonym for post event investigation. With seamless M2M communication, you get real time notifications upon an unexpected activity. You get notified as soon as a door opens unexpectedly, when there is human motion in a prohibited area, when cameras are tampered and other unexpected scenarios.

Health & Hygiene Management

  • Maintain Optimum Air Quality
  • Monitor Temperature & Humidity
  • Identify Deviations in Hygiene


Maintain a Pleasant Ambiance

It takes a pleasant ambiance to ensure customers revisit your office and actually feel good being there. Our integrated sensors for air quality, temperature, humidity, and more inform you in real time whenever, there are deviations in environment. Our surveillance team keeps a consistent check on hygiene factors to sustain a pleasant ambiance.

Meeting the Challenges of Modern Retail

We increase your awareness about parameters that remain overlooked but contribute to the growth of retail stores. This takes place when IoT, machine learning algorithms, and AI-based audits work together. And all the intelligence comes out through easy to understand reports that let you act and bring a difference in efficiency, customer experience, and security.

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