Smoke Detector

Detects harmful smoke particles, raises an audio alert, and provides safety against fire hazard.

This compact sized sensor utilizes the latest Optical Chamber technology to detect potentially harmful smoke particles. It provides the best safety and quality, you can ever get against potential fire hazard.

With its advanced authenticated two-way encrypted wireless link (2.4GHz, DSSS), it ensures excellent communication range and guarantees successful signal transmission. It is also compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee products.

Built-in siren for audio alert
Alarm silence function: 10 minutes per activation
A test button for self-test including optical sensor diagnosis
Excellent stability with high sensitivity
Low battery detection
Low battery detection
Randomized signals for system integrity checking
Digital signal processing
Detection method: Reflective photoelectric sensor
Compatible with other manufacturers ZigBee products
Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems
  • Communication ProtocolZigBee Pro Home Automation 1.2
  • Frequency2.4GHz
  • Power Source1.5V, Alkaline AA x 3
  • Battery Life4.5 years*
  • Operating Temperature-10°C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
  • Operating HumidityUp to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions105mm x 42mm