A hawk-eye view empowered by AI is what it takes to address security challenges & business parameters. Most video surveillance systems help with post event investigation only and provide zero intelligence to improve business efficiency. However, video management solutions that leverage artificial intelligence & evolve through machine learning algorithms not only help meeting security challenges in real-time but also address factors that improve business efficiency.

Engineered for businesses of all sizes, we combine video surveillance, smart intrusion detection, and AI-based audits in an intelligent video management solution. This is done using our Sense> Analyse> Act framework backed by a unified IoT platform, M2M communication, cloud-based recording, and large device portfolio.

Benefits that Deliver Value

Constant Overview
of Business Sites

Real Time Alerts &

Prevent Unwanted

Get Reports to Make
Intelligent Decisions

Our Unique Value Proposition

Sense > Analyse > Act

Capture critical events with IoT sensors, gather & analyse data through machine learning, and get real time alerts to take necessary actions for security & business optimization.


A single IoT platform that integrates your existing security equipment, facilitates seamless communication between devices, and captures connected device data.


Secured cloud storage to store videos as per your subscription plan & instant footage retrieval. With cloud, there’s no need to have physical storage equipment.

Large Device

A portfolio of Zigbee certified devices including safety & security sensors and internet gateways. Simply add new devices to build a custom security & business efficiency setup.

The Video you Need. The Moment you Need.

Our smart video management solution keeps a 24/7 check on things that go around. Whether you need it for one site or for multiple sites, our solution is flexible to accommodate it. With cloud storage, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere. It means video evidence is available at your beck & call, which makes it easy for cops to catch the culprits.

Alarms that Arm Safety

Our smoke & flood sensors keep businesses armed against the damage of fire & water. Loud alarms call for action before fire breaks out or any particular area gets waterlogged. So that, you nip the evil in the bud.

Reports & Insights

Security Analytics

AI backed sensors differentiate between staff & strangers, helping QRTs with accurate & real-time notifications upon intrusion. Keep the doors closed for pilferage & burglary attempts.




Roster Management

Use machine learning to monitor staff activity and make smart decisions around roster. Ensure availability of the best staff members at a time and prepare scheduled breaks for maximum productivity.


Reporting Time

Compliance Adherence

Industries We Help



Service Centers


Education & Training

Offices & Factories

Analysing 2 Million sq. ft.

World's Largest Repository of
Connected Devices

Solutions Used in More than
20 Countries

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