E-commerce businesses, no doubt is accoutre with number of benefits wherein everything is trackable such as website traffic, bounce rate, goal completion, C-SAT etc but what about your physical store? Is it really possible to get analytics of your retail brand outlet and align such big data with business objectives?

Yes, this is possible through actionable retail analytics! With the rise of IoT, business preference is changing and it has compelled E-commerce businesses to reshape their offline business strategy. As a result, customer journey, experience & consistent store layout helps to drive the retail stores perform effectively. We provide retail analytics that help brands take real time action in situations that demand attention. And also provide insights to facilitate key decision making for enhanced customer experience, improved business efficiency & revenue growth.

Challenges Addressed Through Retail Analytics

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Get deep insights what visitors look for as per demographics like location, age, gender, and more. Identify unmet expectations that make them leave without purchase.

Enhance CX

Customer experience is a key area to focus on for a brand, when it has an offline presence. Get key moments and evaluation points in your CX process, identify crucial emotions that affect your customers’ decision.

Enhance CX
Store Optimization

Store Optimization

Keep a close look on brand parameters like store opening & closing time, response time to customers, dress code & hygiene. Get informed about deviations in SOP.

OPEX Reduction

Figure out those areas of business where operating cost can be reduced for enhanced business efficiency. Take active measures to optimize energy consumption.

OPEX Reduction

How We Do It

This is done by integrating our unified IoT platform with gateways and sensors & hardware products. This enables seamless communication between connected devices & helps capturing critical events. Data captured is processed through machine learning to identify crucial parameters that impact customer experience & business efficiency. This data can be accessed by brands in the form of dashboards & widgets which makes it easier to take analytical decisions..

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