Turning Mute Data into Actionable Intelligence.

KocharTech provides actionable business analytics that help business owners take real time actions in situations that demand immediate attention. And also enable key decision making for optimized operations and enhanced business efficiency.
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People Count

Check conversion rate versus walk-in. Manage staff to get the best employees during peak hours.

People Counting & Conversion

Get comprehensive walk-in & customer engagement analytics to improve store performance. Test the effectiveness of display and promotions on different days & occasions. Optimise staff roster & identify improvement areas to get more conversions.

People Count

AI-based analytics to track number of customers who visited the outlet

Dwell Time

Machine learning helps finding out time spent by customers across areas in an outlet

Visit Frequency

Facial recognition technology to identify how frequently customers visit you

Conversion Rate

Analytics to measure conversion rates & sales performance

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Real Time notifications on non-compliance to ensure consistent Customer Experience

SOP & Compliance Adherence

Keep a close look on parameters like opening & closing time, hygiene, dress code adherence, and get notifications for deviations in SOP. Maintain consistency across locations and uplift your brand image.

Opening & Closing Time

Opening & closing time reports to maintain standardisation

Task Execution

Reports on sequence of daily task execution & customer handling

Dress Code & ID Card

Check employee adherence to dress code & ID card

Communication Protocol

Map deviations in specified communication with customers

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Understand how LUX patterns impact purchase journey

Environment Control
(Humidity & Temperature)

Temperature & humidity, light intensity is known to impact consumer behaviour and keep stored items intact. Identify ideal LUX level to maintain a pleasant ambience and avoid an environment that hampers goods storage.

Server Room Health

Adjust server room temperature to avoid overheating of equipment

Condition of Goods

Analysis on ideal humidity & temperature level for storage of goods

Understand Energy Consumption pattern of appliances and save on bills

Energy Efficiency

Identify ideal light intensity and schedule automated scenarios to set a friendly tone throughout the day. Understand consumption pattern of heavy appliances, get billing intelligence and take necessary actions to save energy.

Lighting Statistics

IoT-driven statistics for lighting management in response to dynamic daylight changes

Billing Intelligence

Machine learning based power consumption forecasts & billing estimates

Energy Loss & Heavy Appliances

Machine learning pinpoints the cause of energy loss & spots inefficient heavy appliances

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