Improving the business performance through Revenue Assurance

Posted On: March 24, 2012

With the fierce competition, investments in new products, launching of new applications has made the billing and collection exercise highly complex which was previously very easy. As the advanced data services are being launched so do the opportunities for the fraud and revenue leakage increases. Companies are finding very difficult to keep pace with today’s trend in Telecom Industry.  The most important mantra of company is to reduce waste and costs and maximize revenue. And this is what all the telecom companies are executing so that they can accurately do the billing exercise. Very few companies follow the well integrated billing systems to built the customer loyalty and retain them.

To have an edge over the competitors Telco’s needed to instill the telecom revenue assurance mechanism within their processes and systems. It is comprehensive solution framework which provides fair and accurate billing to customer. It also tries to avoid the revenue leakages and fraud. It is best method to improve the profits and reduce the revenue risk. Revenue Assurance is a means to identify the problems and find solutions that result into the optimal performance of the company.

TestMax offers the Telecom Revenue assurance solutions which assure that all the calls are being correctly billed. It verifies and evaluates the all self service channels are operating to their maximum potential. It performs validation for Internal Benchmarking. TestMax puts timely health check on:

  • Revenue assurance parameters
  • User defined test parameters
  • Timely reports
  • Alerts to defined escalation matrix
  • Revenue stream audit


  • Proactive warning of service failure
  • Ensures operational excellence of end to end service
  • Full visibility into end user experience and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Identify the gaps and find solution for it
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • It helps to increase the subscriber base as well as retain the existing ones.

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