How Higher App Ratings Benefits Business Growth

Posted On: October 26, 2018

2013 was the turning point of “Readdle” when a Ukrainian mobile application company identified the need to change their marketing strategy and have a stronger influence in app store algorithm. Nevertheless, it was a good indicator of their progress in app market and satisfying their customer needs.

With expanding competition and influx of apps in the Apple app store; it raised expectations of developers to attract more consumers on board. A few of them managed to reduce prices simply for establishing ranks in app store while ignoring profitability. Readdle couldn’t afford to spend extravagantly on product marketing. Consequently, they opted to go with advantageous marketing strategies such as email marketing and well-timed targeted campaigns which could reach as much as possible users. Customer support propels towards higher growth rate in every business. In the last year alone, Readdle has answered over 13k emails from their users through customer support outsourcing.

Digitalization has taken by the storm and there are approximately 2.6 million apps available on Google Play Store exceeding its former estimation of 1 million. However, it’s counterpart Apple Play store continuing with 2 million apps availability. Albeit all apps are not considered or perceived similarly because of user’s unfamiliarity with it.

A critical stage begins when unworthy opinions by users result in poor ratings on app. Developing an app and putting it on app store does not really make a huge difference on that product’s reliability. Earning app ratings and reviews is equally significant. App ratings can be proven beneficial or devastating in every aspect among a plethora of industries like BFSI, Entertainment, E-Commerce, Travel and so on. The most preponderant point here to justify is that if your app is really well mobilized in the world of Digital Transformation.


What Challenges do Industries face while dealing with App Store Ratings?

  • Delay in user’s feedback and remarks concerned to the app.
  • Lack of authentic answers and real-time communication.
  • Unreliable customer support and compatibility with the user.
  • Apps functional defects and incompetency to meet users expectations.

Negative feedback could easily deny your app among those with homogeneous functions. On the flip side, if app services are accustomed to user’s vulnerability then it is obviously going to stand out in a crowd. A good marketing strategy for boosting your app store ratings is always required to meet user’s expectations relating app. The better the ratings and reviews on app it is more likely to be at top of the app store.

Know about your users to elevate app store ratings:

Anecdote: “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Damon Richards

Observe your customers opinions about app and engage them with convenient services. As long as you are devoted to customers there are always chances for better feedback and ratings.

Identification of user’s grievances:

The potential business is one who is known to customers or users facing issues with app or product. Users often have queries, questions and some better ideas which can help in improving app. But those queries left unresolved in case of longtime response. App engagement is mandatory in terms to resolve concerns by users. If you want your app to be in user’s favorite list; Companies providing in-app support can certainly help.


Integrated approach:

Finding and targeting the right user base has always been a challenge. Companies providing In-app support enable you to discover doubts of users through different touch points involving the convenience of live chats, voice calls to improve real-time communication. If you are connected through emails with customers, you can always have an interactive feedback over calls in easy handling time.


Reliable outsourcing:

Marketing strategies are not only limited to the periphery of customer satisfaction. To confront the core issues of users, you need to interact while understanding them as well. Companies reliable outsourcing team gets in touch with users to satisfy their concerns by gathering data and providing a quick response. And when users main concerns get addressed, they find app services quite worthy.


An integrated platform approach where you are close to app user concerns with AI and outsourcing based techniques can be fruitful for business efficiency. Customer experience and its satisfaction help in long run. However, emails are not the mere option to connect with customers and clients. In order to have the proficient outsourcing management, you can rely on customer support services which provide the privilege to handle customers and users by maintaining a relationship with them. And when users are gratified by your services, satisfactory app ratings surely comes hand in hand.

Dealing with more than 2,50,000 customers daily in 15 plus languages, Gizmo support has been the trusted name for customers and clients in supporting 10,000+ smart devices across varied industries like Telecom, BFSI, E-commerce and became a part of their revolutionized customer experience.

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