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Posted On: November 19, 2018

There comes a long holiday on calendar and people’s hunt to get best deals in hotel bookings, discount on tickets and comfortable services start brimming on every travel company’s website. Still not talking about flood of messages, comments and queries over social media and travel apps. So do people really get desired outcome of their massive research?

Travel- A day trip, a month or even a year-long holiday tour experience which can be best or worst of all in the lives of people. From indulging in a detailed research for trips till sharing experiences on social sites about journey, travel websites play a critical role. Moreover, travel agencies go through a lot of struggle when it comes to providing stellar services to customers including the issues travelers face during trip. What travelers really want is to have instant solutions to what they are searching for.

Travel variants:

Routine lives and business are full of unexpected changes. The travel industry is no exception to these kinds of happenings like flights get delayed, appointments or meetings get rescheduled, road mishaps and even climatic conditions get worse. Whatever change happens, it can be stressful and results in an unavoidable fuss.

When it comes to travelling, customer service is the topmost priority for travel businesses. While many people share some great experiences of their tour but there are horror experiences also which make a change in other customers’ point of view. It only becomes easier to find out customer problems when management and services are well aware of their customers. Not forgetting the fact that it also opens up channels of communication between consumers and businesses in a rather comfortable way. And this results in overall improvements regard to customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Tour Operations Management:


Tour Operations Management:

Anecdote:The journey, not the arrival matters~ T.S Elliot (Essayist).

Tour operators take care that people don’t miss out on experiences that can happen during the journey. From contracting with leading travel companies to book tickets for customers, from discounted hotel bookings till transportation deals and also to take care of sudden changes in travel plans, tour operators take responsibility for everything. Well, all of this is not possible if operational work is not well equipped with digitally transformed technologies. Tour services are just not about scheduling journey from departure to arrival, it’s about giving memorable travel experience to customers. There are multiple challenges encountered by travel agents as well as tour operators while they are providing plans to consumers. And to tackle those challenges, integrated app support or solution can do wonders. When tour operators directly deal with consumers or clients’ queries by giving customer support, it removes the space of extra cost consumption by middle agents.

Exponential technologies in travel:

When innovation is merged in an industry like travel, it creates beneficial results, especially with new customer experience services. With the digital age coming in existence, people want an experience that they can write about, something that they can preserve for a lifetime. So it’s time to start thinking outside the box of how you can make remarkable experience for people.

Lital Marom– A speaker and corporate innovator focusing on exponential technologies and economies of scale states that travel and tourism ecosystem delivers a wide range of on-demand services to consumers today, through digital innovation. The next step for companies that are lagging behind is to change their work criteria so that they could also capture the opportunities that digital transformation presents. Companies are in midst of increasingly rapid technological change, compelled to revolutionize their services about how and where people travel. There are tremendous opportunities for businesses to start experimenting with implementing technologies like AI, voice technologies, app support to help reshaping a seamless future for travel.

Mobile apps in travel industry have become one stop solution for customers to plan holidays and for businesses to get benefits. The days of paper maps, guidebooks are long gone and replaced by interactive & amazing mobile apps for travel & tourism industry that come with many features. But are apps doing enough for travel businesses? A data depicting the percentage of mobile app users across the world who plan trips online:

Image courtesy: Think with Google

 Reshape customer experience in travel industry:

 App support is necessary in terms of every aspect people encounter while planning a trip, during journey and on return. So it is the key responsibility of travel operators, companies or even agents to communicate with their customers at every step of their journey. App support acts as an effective communication tool between consumers and travel apps. Companies which provide App support helps in:


  • Providing pro-active notifications to customers regarding check-ins, room availability and delaying of bookings instead of compelling them to stand outside hotels even after they have their rooms booked.


  • Seamless omni-channel integration so that customers can be notified on possible mediums whether it is social sites, voice calls, AI-based bots and even email services. In this way, they will not miss out on anything. It also enhances chances of maximized ratings on your app.


  • Mobile app support helps in listening to your customers and evaluate their queries. Asking “Are you satisfied with our services?” is not good enough now. Working on providing a satisfactory feedback to consumers is a real goal.


Travel has come a long way and online travel industry giants somehow effectively deal with technical procedures of their working. But it is also mandatory to give customers the experience they could reminisce every-time they travel. Relying on services like app support help you to connect with customers for a lifetime. Hit the road with package of customer satisfaction tool. Hope you will have a remarkable journey in customer experience.

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