Going Online? Take Customer Service On Board

Posted On: December 7, 2018

From stone age to modern age, communication and its channels have transformed drastically. At this time, the areas of communication are numerous. Things have promptly converted from messenger(homing) pigeons to postcards, to write or type letters and then amazing evolution of telephones, telegraphs or typewriters to electronic gadgets like laptops and smart phones.

Momentarily, communication is not just about digital transformation but accumulation of various channels like print medium, electronic and the very popular among folks which is considered to be the new media aka social media merge in modern technologies. Evolution in these modes of communication have given humans the freedom to interact easily and share their thoughts freely. Now when technology is advanced and platforms are innumerable, we have plethora of choices to disseminate information and our ideas among others. Social media platforms are completing humans’ need to communicate. Not just commonly, when we look at social media sites from any business perspective, dealing with clients and customers socially is more than just a fad. There is no wonder in saying that customers like to search, to shop and give feedback online. Let’s throw some light on how businesses turning social are having benefits in long run!

Connections via social media:

Social networking sites have turned out to be a significant platform for customer service and many businesses are encouraging this way of connection with consumers. A data shows that 67% of consumers have engaged with a brand’s social media for customer service needs. But to make a business strategy, finding a niche is important. So, what kind of social network better suits your business is a key thing you need to know. No doubt, Facebook is the most preferred network among huge number of people and it presents an enormous potential market for businesses. Well, platforms like LinkedIn represent world’s largest professional network and Instagram’s recurring success shows how it’s one of the most powerful and influencing social media networks. Twitter nowadays is taking the internet by storm. It is impossible to find a business or a celebrity who is not tweeting.

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According to stats, there are 326 million active users on twitter in third quarter of 2018. Having doubts on how Twitter can be an important platform for customer service while giving glimpse of what customers think about your brand online? Have a look…

Twitter for customer service:


Twitter is an emerging platform for consumers to give feedback or simply to tweet about a certain brand from where they have bought something or got services from. And simply tweets can be in favour or against the brand so giving responses to consumers and getting in touch with them personally becomes mandatory for businesses.

  • 77% of Twitter users appreciate a brand more when their tweet (maybe a query) gets a response. However, speed responses are prioritized by consumers and expect brands to respond to their customer service requests within an hour. In reality, brands’ average response time is 1 hour 24 minutes.
  • 47% of marketers agreed with fact that Twitter is the best social media channel for customer engagement.

Listen with care:

Twitter can be a potential platform to streamline customer experience and what’s better in dealing with consumers where they feel comfortable. Though twitter offers only 280 characters limit as acknowledging a customer issue and providing a solution in that limit can be done in some cases, but if case is opposite resolutions can be given through DM (direct messages). Tell your customers that you care about them and listen clearly to what they say. This really improves overall customer experience and consumers feel connected with your brand when they feel heard personally.

Twitter customer service can become a word of mouth for brands and reach as many potential customers. And if customers won’t feel heard, they can rant badly about your brand on social media only. See how Amazon manages customer service on twitter with a handle named“Amazon Help” which deals with consumers in absolute and careful way possible.

Good customer service means gratified customers :

According to a customer survey, 36% of people have used social to shame a company for poor customer service and if customers meet with stellar customer service, then chances are that 75% of people are likely to share a good experience on their own profile.

Responses to queries and customer issues should be clear, precise and favourable in a way that customers could thank you and utilize your brand and service continuously. Mandatory thing is to make sure that you have online reputation management or improvised response strategies that could lead to customer satisfaction and increase your Net Promoter Score (Find your NPS survey score here).

Providing customer services while taking precautions in reputation management on twitter helps in brand awareness among consumers, enhance CX and improve quality of services.

Key factors to consider while responding to consumers on social media:

  • Keeping response management in mind while providing customer service, beginning with a friendly opening is considerable.
  • If customers’ issues are lengthy to resolve, twitter allows you to embed a direct message link saving the customers’ efforts for retweets.
  • Customers want concise solution and within their comfort time, so customer service should be quick and solvable.

To conclude with, Digital transformation has opened doors for many businesses that they can utilize to maximum benefits. Online and digitized networks like social media serve as a beneficial solution to reach customers, to connect with them and making sure that they are happy with brand and services. Social media customer service also enhance the chance for your brand/company’s app having four or more ratings on playstore which gives maximum output in app downloads. So, if you decided to take your customer services over social media, then you can get in touch with customer support services profiting brand’s reputation on social media and on playstore. Read our case study to know how our customer support service made an impact in improving ratings of a leading entertainment app.

Get in touch with us to increase business efficiency on social platforms and enhance overall customer experience.

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