Gain Subscriber Satisfaction with Self Care Solution

Posted On: November 11, 2016

Customer service technologies have evolved significantly, yet not all operators have upgraded their assisted support systems. Also, customers increasingly prefer a self care solution over an agent to get their issues resolved. Service providers need to boost both assisted and non-assisted channels to deliver a consistent experience, improving on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and NPS score.

An Aspect 2015 report states that 73% of customers are willing to be able to solve issues with the product/service they use, on their own.
So why do customers prefer Self-service?

1. Convenience: They can look for an answer at any time of the day or night, and at self-paced speed. Today, when customers perform most of their tasks on a phone, a mobile self care solution is the most preferred options for subscribers. Cutting down on waiting time, it creates a convenient channel of support available anytime, anywhere for both customers as well as service providers.

Operators can meet their subscribers’ expectations for a convenient service, by making a self-care app available, proactively.

2. Efficiency: With immediate access to all the information on smartphones, customers neither want to wait before speaking to an agent nor are willing to explain their queries. All they want to do is, go online, do some click-tap-click, and done.

Thus, operators should deploy an intuitive self care solution in order to deliver on customer expectations. Further, these self-service options should allow the customer to seamlessly reach an agent-assisted channel, in case the self-care tool fails to solve the issue.
As per Gartner, self-service and consistent customer service have been the top priorities for service providers in 2015.

3. Control: Customers feel more satisfied when empowered to handle their issues themselves, and not rely on any human agent or service provider. Not only this, the ability to gain more knowledge by self-hunting for a solution adds to the sense of control, raising the preference of self-care services.

Thus, in order to make sure that their subscribers feel empowered and stay connected to their services, operators need to deploy efficient self-care services. However, offering a self-service option is not enough, and service providers should gather and use End-user feedback to improve the Service delivery.

A self-care solution results in a win-win situation for both the customers and the service providers when implemented properly. However, service providers need to improve their support systems, and integrated self-service with agent-assisted channels to maximize business benefits.

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