Fix Customer Service Errors with Knowledge Management Platform

Posted On: June 21, 2017

Today, customers expect service providers to deliver high-speed data services combined with a quality brand experience. However, most subscribers complain about not being served efficiently by their respective service providers, in terms of handling & resolving their issues. Operators need to understand and address the pain points of their customers for better CX, loyalty, and revenue. Support agents need access to robust knowledge management platform for telecoms to troubleshoot issues efficiently and deliver the desired service experience.

Understanding the Consumer Pain Points

Today, customers demand break-free, high speed internet while the voice & SMS use has declined. Simultaneously, the fast-paced lifestyle has raised their expectations for a quick, on-the-go, and effortless support. A comprehensive knowledge management solution that facilitates easy knowledge findability is a vital solution to improve customer service metrics & meet end-user expectations.

A GSMA research infographic predicts a rise of mobile broadband connections from 55% in 2016 to 73% in 2020, accompanied by a CAGR growth of 47% in mobile data traffic and 2.1% in telecom operators’ revenue

Though customers experience a number of glitches in service, telecoms can improve the same by understanding pain points directly from subscribers. In a recent Forrester survey among 5000 consumers, inconsistent and lack of agent knowledge turned out to be the biggest reasons for negative experience. Difficulties faced while looking for relevant answers on company’s website turns out to be the next biggest contributor to inconsistent customer experience.
Additionally, the research disclosed that consumers from younger generations are more complaining & less forgiving in case of unknowledgeable agents.

Customer Pain Points raised by Millennial/Gen Z vs Older Boomers Generation.

(Source: A Forrester Study, Cited by KM World)

Not only customer expectations have increased among the millennial generation or generation Z, but the complexity of service inquiries as well. Telecom operators need knowledgeable agents backed by a strong repository of relevant, up-to-date information, for effective customer service.

Resolving the Issue with Knowledge Management Platform for Telecoms

The knowledge management approach is beneficial not only to the front-line staff, but to the senior management and on-field staff as well. Deploying a relevant knowledge base helps deliver quick & consistent resolutions to customers, making agents intelligent. Apart from agent-assisted customer support, it also helps improve the efficiency of self-service across channels.

However, creating & maintaining a knowledge base can be tedious and difficult for communication service providers. Moreover, creating articles with a consistent look, feel, and tone is a time-consuming task. This issue can be addressed with efficient knowledge base software, stuffed with the relevant information.

Customer service managers have started deploying a knowledge management platform for telecoms that helps address customer pain points.

  • Resolve Pain Point #1: Ensure Consistent Resolutions
    A centralized knowledge management solution empowers agents with same information across channels. This eliminates inconsistency, improves FCR, and is easier to maintain
  • Resolve Pain Point #2: Empower Agents with Knowledge
    A database of product knowledge & articles helps address only a defined set of end-user queries. A regularly updated knowledge management tool combined with easy navigation, structured display, analytics & more, helps turn agents into customer support experts.
  • Resolve Pain Point #3: Reduce Customer Efforts to Find Answers
    Various researches suggest that customers look for answers online before contacting a support agent. Integrating support knowledge with features like searchability, natural language processing, & interactive navigation helps customers find desired resolutions with ease.
    Moreover, a context-aware transition from the self-care interaction to agent-assisted service further reduces customer efforts, while delivering a positive customer experience.
    Thus, an efficient knowledge management platform for telecoms helps address customer pain points with consistent, effortless experience, while reducing repeat calls & support costs.
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