How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction Using Technology?

Posted On: March 27, 2017

Evolution of digital technologies has created a bunch of challenges for telecoms, including demanding consumers and competitive environment. Inability to address these challenges is leading to falling brand loyalty and increasing consumer dissatisfaction. Ensuring consumer satisfaction calls for the right use of technology.

Telecom companies experience an average range of churn rate from 10% to 67% with voluntary churn measured at 1.9-2.1%, as per Database Marketing Institute. Poor customer experience is one of the major reasons for this high churn value. Communication service providers need to leverage digital tools to deliver a seamless experience to their connected consumers.

Use Self-service to Improve Experience & Reduce Costs

Deploying mobile self-care solutions helps improve customer satisfaction with instant resolutions and 24/7 availability, while reducing support costs. Use of self-service has already crossed the use of traditional agent-based support channels in 2015, as per a Forrester Analyst. The significance and use of self care tools has further increased with time.

“Proper implementation of self-service concepts allows customer service leaders to significantly reduce operational costs.”
A research note from Brian Manusama, Gartner Analyst

Thus, to gain value, telecom operators must deploy a well-constructed self-care portal. Promoting self-service helps increase customer engagement while reducing staffing costs as end-users manage their accounts on their own.

Use Analytics for Customized Experience

Analyzing consumer behavior helps telecoms find opportunities to deliver competitive services. Deploying a self-care app on users’ devices can help gather data about user behavior, preferences, and more. Using this data to observe end-user needs can help predict churn, improve business operations, and deliver better consumer-oriented services.

Deploy Cloud-based Support Tools

Cloud technology is commonly used by businesses today for instant data collaboration, sharing, and accessibility. Cloud-based CRM and other support tools help service providers offer flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. This allows easy sharing of customer information & support data across multiple channels and helps agents to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Thus, deploying effective self care solutions integrated with cloud-based support tools helps deliver better services. If you are looking for an answer to how to ensure customer satisfaction with technology use, click here to unlock the right solutions for your specific needs.

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