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Posted On: April 26, 2019

Social media is now becoming one of the most significant means of communication while gaining popularity rapidly. It enables you to share ideas, content, information, and news much faster than any other channel. Over the most recent couple of years, It has developed at a surprisingly quick rate and has captured billions of users around the world.

Now even the major companies are coming up with specific social media strategies. Today, organizations are exceedingly mindful of the value of social media data. According to a report,

 A vast majority of marketers used social media for various marketing activities: 97% used Facebook for B2C, 81% used LinkedIn for B2B, and 75% used Twitter for B2B. 

Brands have understood the fact that social platforms are never again being a detached promoting channel exclusively devoted to communication. Social media has not only demonstrated its capacity to deliver substantial outcomes but has additionally shown the ability to create solid contact points among brands, their customers improving customer experience.

Assisting in brand awareness, recognition and onboarding more traffic, online media serve as a link for better customer service. Social networking sites have ended up being a critical stage for customer service, and numerous organizations are adopting the same for associating with customers.


Source: Frost.com

According to a study by Media Today, Around 67% of consumers have engaged with a brand’s social media for customer service needs.

Companies can use the platform to enhance the customer experience for resolving issues and grievances more quickly, hence increasing customer satisfaction and  Net Promoter Score representing better quality of services.

Nike, The most successful sportswear brand, known not only for selling shoes but an attitude, a lifestyle. Without saying, They’re equally good at providing support. Nike has a standout amongst the most active customer support accounts on Twitter. Here is an example.

Source: Mention.com

A company can increase its positive presence by being available on customer touch points where most of current and target audience is present — actively engaging with the customers in relevant ways by scheduling posts, answering queries, addressing complaints and appreciating customers.

Also, enterprises can keep the following tips in mind when the case of negative comments and criticisms arise:

  • Always react promptly
  • Send individual reactions – Don’t depend on automated answers or structured letters/posts
  • Be polite – Address their worries and acknowledge that they may have a legitimate reason to complain
  • Remain positive – Don’t harp on the issue, however instead recall that the ultimate objective is to fix the problem and discover an answer that fulfills them

Social media additionally mirrors a significant move from dominating organization-customer communications to customer-customer interactions that impact organizations & client connections. It, like this, winds up basic for organizations to have a sound Social Media customer commitment procedure, profiting organization overall.

Starbucks, the premier roaster, marketer and retailer of specialty coffee, use social media to engage customers with the brand by asking their views, making it easy for customers to tell you what they want. Hence, Listen to everyone and implement the winning ideas. As an approach to tuning in to customers – and get vast amounts of incredible new ideas – Starbucks built up My Starbucks Idea. To date, clients have submitted more than 210,000 unique views. To help this program, they have a devoted Twitter account. It is an extraordinary spot for the customer to share their perceptions and coffee wishes.


Source: Starbucks

In the world with over 80% of web clients active on social organizations, who go through no less than one hour daily on those social networks, we need to infer that social communities have turned into a kind of reality in which individuals interact, communicate, and trust.

In such a world, we have to admit that social networks have opened a new platform of reality that has become a part of the business world as well.

Over 90% of advertisers report they are or will utilize social platforms for business, while over 60% of them claim to have obtained new customers over social networks.

 The findings published by business professional and marketers support the fact that businesses can have a lot of benefits from using social networks, which is why the implementation of those has become a part of business practice. That is how social media marketing is no longer considered to be on probation, but instead, it has become a crucial part of the business world. Social media has shifted the ORM landscape because it gives individuals the freedom to post about their experiences and opinions. Moreover, in order to maintain online identity positively, ORM support solutions can be of great advantage to deal with negative comments and reviews over social media.

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