Don’t Deploy Mobile Self Service Solution Before Reading This

Posted On: December 26, 2016

Self-service is one of the most broadly used communication channel for customer service, surpassing the utilization of the voice channel. A well-executed self-service can offer tremendous advantages to service providers, agents, as well as consumers. With a mobile self service solution, customers get quick answers to their queries, officers spend less time resolving simple issues, and service providers get a low-cost support channel.

Due to the convenience of use and instant resolutions, customer expectations for self-service have risen. However, not all service providers know how to ensure customer satisfaction, with most of their competitors using the right approach. Moreover, customers know that they have choices, and hence, eagerly pick the one with the best offer and support service.

Before Deploying Mobile Self Service Solution

To surpass your competitors and gain a better brand value, you should consider these points before implementing a self service software for smartphones.

  1. Expectations of end-users have risen dramatically in the recent years. Today’s customer expects quality and timely service without much effort and will readily switch operator if expectations not met. Self-service is a significant tool to improve customer satisfaction and minimize churn ratio.
  2. Is your self-service solution optimized for a variety of devices? More and more devices are penetrating the consumer market, raising consumers’ expectations for mobile services. So, your smartphone customer service tool should be compatible with the devices used by your clients.
  3. What options do you offer? An end-user might be looking for some information on your self-care tool, while others be willing to check/update profile information, billing details, or more. Make sure that your mobile self service solution offers not only content, but an ability to take action as well.
  4. What if the customer fails to get his query answered? Thinking as a client, when a self-service solution is unable to respond to a particular query, it should allow the user to migrate to another channel. For a self-care app, allowing the user to raise a ticket, or dial the customer care number from within the app would be quite useful.

With customers now more eager to serve themselves, service providers have an opportunity to save costs drastically. A self service tool leads to better results with lesser efforts, for both support agents and customers. By investing wisely, you can deploy a mobile self service solution that will drive operational efficiency, business revenue as well as customer loyalty.

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