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Job Profile:
Security Test Engineer
Job Description:

Work will likely also involve planning and executing tests, documenting your methodologies, creating detailed reports about your findings and perhaps also being involved in designing fixes and improving security protocols.

Desired Candidate Profile:

Following job requirements:

  • Perform penetration tests on systems, networks and applications
  • Create new testing methods to identify vulnerabilities
  • Perform physical security assessments of systems, servers and other network devices to identify areas that require physical protection
  • Pinpoint methods and entry points that attackers may use to exploit vulnerabilities or weaknesses
  • Search for weaknesses in common software, web applications and proprietary systems
  • Research, evaluate, document and discuss findings with IT teams and management
  • Review and provide feedback for information security fixes
  • Establish improvements for existing security services, including hardware, software, policies and procedures
  • Identify areas where improvement is needed in security education and awareness for users
  • Be sensitive to corporate considerations when performing testing (i.e. minimize downtime and loss of employee productivity)
  • Stay updated on the latest malware and security threats.
  • Knowledge of Performance Testing Tool is Plus

Knowledge of VAPT (Security) testing tool:

  • Suite
  • Wire Shark
  • NMap
  • SQL Map
2-3 Years

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