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Job Profile:
Computer Vision Engineer
Job Description:
  • Develop novel and accurate computer vision algorithm and advanced systems with a focus on real-time object recognition, object tracking, heat mapping, people counting, and more.
  • Build AI based video analytics systems that will be used across industries such as: Retail, Logistics, Banking, and more.
  • Apply machine learning and deep learning to computer vision problems.
  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability and stability of various deployed system.
  • Occasional client interactions to understand their requirements.
  • Identify technical limitations and devise strategies to overcome them.
Desired Candidate Profile:
  • Holistic understanding of deep learning concepts, state of the art in computer vision research and the mathematics of machine learning.
  • Experienced in :
    – Developing computer vision technology.
    – Working on imaging/camera systems and consumer mobile/web application.
    – CPU/GPU programming.
    – Machine learning, deep learning, recommendation algorithm.
    – Distributed computation.
    – Developing software for computer vision, machine learning or computer graphics application.
  • Proficiency/ Knowledgeable in :
    – C++, Java, Python, Spark.
    – Algorithm optimization skills.
  • Familiar with libraries such as Open CV.
  • Education : Bachelor’s/M.Sc. degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
1-5 years

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