Boost First Contact Resolution Rate with Integrated Self-care

Posted On: December 21, 2016

Losing customers is quite easy nowadays, and letting your service & support quality drop through cracks is one of the fastest reasons. However, you can avoid this by maintaining the efficiency of your after-sales service at the desired level. Achieving a high rate of first contact resolution is an important KPI for the customer service providers, especially telcos.

Subscribers’ Expectations from their Service Provider

When a subscriber contacts his service provider’s help desk, he expects that the representative will help him with:

  • The desired product/service information
  • The required technical assistance
  • Information on billing and account status
  • Satisfactory answers and resolutions for complaints or queries about product/service issues.

    As per the Customer Lifecycle Survey by Forrester, 73% of customers consider getting their time valued as an important parameter of a good customer service. This makes it vital for service providers to focus on improving their first contact resolution rate by following the best practices in customer service.

Increased Popularity of Self-Service

Though agent-assisted customer service channels are never going out of practice, self-service is increasingly being adopted by subscribers. Meeting the rising expectations for a quick service, online self-service is dominating the industry by delivering resolutions conveniently, according to Forrester’s survey mentioned above. This helps service providers achieve FCR goals while eliminating end-user frustrations and saving their time.

Additionally, this also helps free up additional time of support agents to handle queries that a self-service solution can’t solve. This leads to an increase in productivity as well as a drop in the operational costs, along with a superior customer service.

Improve FCR Rate with the Right Solution

By empowering customers with self-help tools, you provide them with an option to get accurate resolutions at the desired time. This not only increases their satisfaction at the interaction point, but also helps you minimize the support request volume at other channels. With immediate resolutions for subscribers, a self-care solution also helps deliver resolutions at the first point of contact.

Implementing the Right Knowledge

A relevant knowledge base is the basic component of a self-care portal, like FAQs, guides & tutorials for end-users, and others. However, knowledge management tools also empower support agents with the required information about products, services, related problems and solutions. With this, agents can find and deliver the desired resolutions during the first contact with the customer.

An effective database of support knowledge is essential for service providers to achieve their first contact resolution goals, which should be:

  • Easy to navigate, search, and consume knowledge by the user
  • Up-to-date with the latest upgrades to products and/services

Thus, creating/buying and integrating the right knowledge base software with your customer service helps improve FCR rate and service quality, attracting higher customer satisfaction.

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