Boost Customer Service KPIs with Knowledge Management Platform

Posted On: October 15, 2016

Customer service has become a key differentiator of brands today, especially in the telecom industry, with price & product margins eliminating quickly. Operators today have access to a plenty of solutions like knowledge management tools that help improve their performance.

Every business has a different set of KPIs that they use to measure the success of their customer service strategy. However, a few of those performance parameters that a knowledge management platform helps improve, are discussed below:

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Tracking the change of customer satisfaction over time is a great way to measure the effectiveness of customer service strategies. For instance, if the level of satisfaction has dropped in the recent years, your strategy needs an upgrade.

You can measure the level of satisfaction of your customers by getting ratings from end-users through regular surveys.

Customer Retention

Happy customers tend to spend more and deliver more business revenue. As stated by Estaben Kolsky, 55% of customers are likely to spend more for a good experience. So, if a fair part of your customers are visiting you regularly for repeat business, you have a good customer service in place.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Particularly coined for the telecom industry, NPS defines the rate of customers willing to go a step ahead than repeat business and promote it through word of mouth. This is another good indication of your customer service strategy. Integrated knowledge management solutions go a long way in helping operators improve their net promoter score.

Average Resolution Time

Solving end-user issues in a timely manner is another important characteristic of a great customer service. A robust, integrated knowledge base helps improve average resolution time by empowering both agent-assisted as well as self-help channels with desired support knowledge.

Thus, keeping the time-to-resolution lower indicates a better quality of customer service, and helps deliver a positive customer experience.

Managing Complaints & Issues

If your customer service is not good enough, you might have a list of issues pending at your support agents’ end, to be solved. This not only creates dissatisfaction among customers, but also increases the volume of support calls and tickets. Evaluating the issues resolved & pending resolution can help understand the level of your customer service.

Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Every business has its own methods of measuring and promoting, satisfaction & productivity of employees at their workplace. Delivery of efficient service with a lower resolution time is possible only if your employees (the support agents) perform their job well.

Knowledge management platform holds the key to simplifying the job of customer service representatives, with desired information at their fingertips. This helps keep your employees happy and satisfied at job, and if they stick to your brand for a long time, they will put more efforts to lift the standard of your customer service.

These are a few of the KPIs that an integrated knowledge base can help improve. Thus, knowledge management in the contact center is the key to improve NPS for your wireless communication services, attracting higher customer loyalty and revenue.

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