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In App Support – The Secret Sauce in your CX Recipe

Quick service restaurant is an emerging hope to every individual’s busy routine snacking or dining. Who does not want to […]

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How Higher App Ratings Benefits Business Growth

2013 was the turning point of “Readdle” when a Ukrainian mobile application company identified the need to change their marketing […]

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How Actionable Analytics Has Transformed The Retail World Through Machine Learning

Time has witnessed how demands of people to have a luxurious and comfortable life are continuously increasing. With a smart […]

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Why Start-ups Must Outsource their CX Initiatives

As LinkedIn named India’s 25 most attractive start-ups in 2018, I was excited to see which of them have made […]

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How Does In-App Support Benefit Your Business in Long Run?

EuropCar – a French car rental company couldn’t make much impact in the market in the early stages of development. Why? Because, […]

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Will Email Support Services Work for Your Business Growth?

With all the talk about AI and chatbots, it won’t be surprising to see minimal human intervention in customer-company relationships. […]

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Top 5 CX Trends of 2018

“Customer is king.” This statement made sense a decade ago and it makes sense even today, isn’t it? In a […]

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How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

  After tasting huge commercial success in the early 70’s, the top bosses at Ford were hungry for more. To […]

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knowledge base software

Grow Your Telecom Business with AI-backed Knowledge Base Software

There is much written about the famed Roman army which was directly responsible for the rolling juggernaut that was the […]

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How Mystery Shopping Can Help Increase Sales

You enter a retail store and look around. Several factors shape your shopping experience and most of them influence you […]

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Knowledge Management Software, Knowledge Management System

Why A Knowledge Management Software is Crucial for Sustainable Growth of Financial Institutions

Truly impactful power almost always stems from knowledge. It is the one key differentiator that brings success to people merely […]

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