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IoT - Future ready warehouses

Making Warehouses Future Ready

Expansion of e-commerce has contributed to tremendous growth in the Warehousing and Logistics industry. Sales of warehouse automation technology worldwide […]

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revenue growth during market volatility

Supporting Revenue Growth During Market Volatility in Telecom

India reached the billion-subscriber mark of mobile phone users in 2015, according to TRAI*. But a lot has changed since. […]

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business process management

Secret Ingredients of great CX: Emotional Intelligence and a Human Voice

While the world adopts Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make customer interactions quick and efficient, customers worldwide are increasingly […]

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Managed Services Enabling Successful Banking Experience

The financial institutions have adapted brand new avatar, as the world transforms from brick and mortar to everything digital. Be […]

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How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Deliver Excellent Help-Desk Experience

Today’s fast-paced digital trends are challenging the work ideologies and operational strategies of businesses. Especially when it comes to excellence […]

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Knowledge Management and 5G

Shifting Paradigm of Knowledge Management with 5G Technology

The biggest buzz in the telecom industry, as of now is 5G technology. Communication paradigm will change its avatar with […]

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Data Security with IoT

Driving Data Security Through IoT in Business Processes

Gone are the days when operational efficiency and productivity were monitored and improved manually. The emergence of IoT has facilitated […]

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Enhance brand awareness with ORM

Enhance Brand Awareness With ORM

Social media is now becoming one of the most significant means of communication while gaining popularity rapidly. It enables you to […]

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IoT and digital transformation in retail

IoT And Digital Transformation – The Upcoming Convergence in Retail

In this era of increased digitization, to enthrall and captivate the interests of customers, businesses need to offer something more […]

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IoT Evolution

Evolution of Smart Retail Through IoT

With IoT technology taking a center stage, businesses are experiencing an exemplary growth by harnessing its potential to the maximum. […]

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Ai backed virtual assistants drive digital engagement -

How AI Backed Virtual Assistants Drive Digital Engagement in Telecom Industry

In this era of modernization, subscribers wish to use the services of a network that caters to their needs, offers […]

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