Decide To Climb The Customer Experience Tree With This Self- Service Software

Posted On: November 26, 2018

A tree is related to various analogies in day to day life. Be it our natural aids, food and it even works as a source of survival on earth. In a nutshell, trees serve as human helpers. Wonder, if trees could also convert our complex information into solutions and help us in taking decisions quickly?

Quick decisive solution = Decision trees

What is Decision tree? As its name defines, it is a tree-like model of decisions. A self-help tool to reach a particular goal. A decision tree typically begins with a single node, which further branches into possible results and each of those outcomes lead to additional nodes for helping you to reach a solution that gives it a tree-like figure. These type of tools, when deployed in self-service software can help in any business category regarding customers’ queries, their buying decisions and so on.

If we talk about the vast and booming business sectors in India, E-commerce is forming a unique way to progress. Also, it has transformed the way business is done in India. As per report stated by IBEF, the Indian online business market is predicted to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion in 2017. Much growth of the industry has been triggered by increasing internet and smart-phone penetration.

E-commerce at peak:

With tons of products available online and at brick-and-mortar stores, the demands of people for online shopping is widely increasing. Also, online shopping has made it easier for global brands to reach Indian customers that emerged as one of the fast-growing trade channels for cross-border trade of goods and services.

Running an e-commerce website is definitely not a simple task. There are sales to make, orders to complete, payments to receive and goods to deliver including many challenges. Think of even after so much chaos, the end results are merely dependent on customers’ buying decision and order delivery. E-tail websites have impacted lifestyles of people. From buying baby products to purchase electronics, from shopping grocery to apparels, people prefer to buy products online. Take a glance at data presented by “India Brand Equity Foundation” which shows the year 2020 prediction of how shopping sectors are split according to popularity in India:

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Here we should observe things from consumers’ point of view. Whenever customers reach any ecommerce website, they look for their desired products definitely, so the overall journey from product search till order delivery with easy returns consider to be complex everytime consumers buy. And to make this journey much easier and comfortable for customers; Decision trees serve as a step-by-step solution. What type of problems can decision trees solve while enhancing customer satisfaction on ecommerce platform and what can be your take on it? Have a look…

Product inquiries:

Product Enquiries

The first and foremost thing a consumer do when visiting e-commerce website is to enquire about a product or to have an information related to their queries. For example, A person is new to online furniture shopping and he may ask questions such as- How do I assemble my bed? What kind of furniture suits wooden houses? How can I choose perfect size center table? Or many things like that. Ecommerce website’s motive is not only to answer these queries but how to make it simpler for consumers to understand what they need is the main thing. Enabling decision trees means you are making queries easy for customers through artificial intelligence. Decision trees work as a self-service software tool on customers’ and sellers’ end which can be enabled on various platforms and ease customer experience. It becomes easier to understand information when it is presented in smaller pieces.

Order tracking:

Order Tracking

We all know industries and companies which use feature of order tracking, Especially, online shopping sites have services like order tracking or navigation which provides the benefit to online buyers or consumers to know about their order status. There are many things people are often concerned about like how much time my order will take to arrive? I placed an order but mistakenly gave wrong shipping address, What can I do now? Online business websites face around 1000 queries per day and it is not genuinely easy to handle all of them which need instant response to consumers’ buying decision. So it becomes responsibility of e-commerce websites to give answers instantly and in categorized form. A self-help tool like decision tree gives a digital shape to helping manuals used by websites. As decision trees divide information into parts, it gets simple for customers to choose between different branches of problem tree and turn their ways towards solutions.

Returns and Refunds:

Return and refund

Many crucial aspects are related to returns and refunds policy. A study presented by “EY India” indicates that 30% of people says- Timely delivery and a good return policy is the reason for shopping online. However, there are many factors which lead to returns of products like-

  • Product is not same as it appeared online
  • Items damaging during road/air transit
  • Issues with size fit or product quality
  • Faux discounted deals etc

Return and refund process creates havoc while handling consumers if it is not managed properly. No doubt, return policies are different according to businesses albeit how well they are presented to consumers makes a great difference in customer experience. For instance, there are innumerable payment options available like COD, credit or debit card transactions or online banking etc. In all this process of customers buying or returning and even while getting refund consumers face a lot of confusions. To make things convenient for consumers, simple guidelines are mandatory. A leading online shopping website like “Amazon” has comprehensive information on their page regarding returns and refunds policy. Instead of spamming customers’ inbox with long paragraphed texts or complicated links to alert them for claimed refunds, companies could simply choose options like decision trees that help a lot when customers combat with information related to return policy. Through self-help tool like decision trees, consumers don’t have to depend on customer support execs and waiting for their queries to be resolved.

Not forgetting the fact that how far we have come in this era of digital transformation so this self-service software tool like decision trees can be enabled across various channels to make services simple and responsive. Decision trees can be seamlessly integrated with channels like-

  • Websites
  • AI-based chat-bots
  • Apps

All in all, e tail websites handle plethora of chaotic situations which make their ways complex to complete consumers’ orders and other processes. Decision trees emerge as a significant solution to provide a convenient source to companies facing issues. Also, this self service solution like DT is easy to follow guide for consumers, sellers as well as support agents.

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