Best Practices for Onboarding Customers Efficiently

Posted On: December 30, 2016

Customer experience has become a differentiator for businesses today, especially telecoms. Onboarding customers is the moment that helps service providers make or break the loyalty of their subscribers. Along with this, it also helps decide whether the business will be able to retain the user or not.

Onboarding refers to the process of getting a user start using the product or service purchased. Thus, telecoms need to take care of their subscribers right from the beginning with an efficient customer onboarding process.

Discover the Best Practices of the Industry

Every business faces several ups and downs, and the famous brands have survived through hiccups with the best practices. Thus, you should discover what the best service providers in your industry are doing to improve their customer onboarding metrics.

  • Make it Easy for the Users to Start: This is an important practice for service providers. You should make it easy and straightforward for your subscribers to understand and start using your services. Onboarding should begin with the basics, avoid any unnecessary questions, and should not make the subscriber feel disturbed or involved unnecessarily.
  • Respect their Time: Not everyone has a lot of spare time, especially for conversations related to the services they recently subscribed. You should ensure that service representatives keep this point in mind while onboarding customers to the brand. Moreover, no one     is willing to fill up long forms or share too many details with a business they have started dealing with.
    To save time, telecoms should create a minimal process, or send onboarding details to customers via email or SMS.
  • A Proper Welcome: Making the customer feel appreciated is another vital part of onboarding. It should begin with a thanking note for the subscriber to value their choice, followed by the key points that they should know about. This must be accompanied by a guide to using various options available for support regarding any query or problem faced by the user.
  • Invest in a Streamlined Onboarding Process: This involves getting feedback from multiple people before the process goes live. What you think as a simple onboarding could be cumbersome for others. Thus, the procedure should be tested with a bunch of people before being applied to the entire user base. This will help you highlight areas that need rework, and prepare a strategy to attract more customers start using your services for their daily needs.

In short, your process of onboarding customers should be easy and straightforward for your subscribers, without taking much of their time. Moreover, the strategy should evolve with time to meet the changing needs of the business as well as customers. Book a demo to know how to deliver a better onboarding experience with the right knowledge and tools.

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