Revenue Assurance

Rising costs and fierce competition in the wireless mobility eco-system is now driving companies to move beyond traditional service models & explore a more proactive approach to customer support. In such a case how can you make sure that

  • If the customer is being charged appropriately?
  • If the proper charging is applied?
  • If charging is happening on time?

TestMax offers the revenue assurance solutions that verifies, evaluates self service channels and assures that these channels operating are as per the plan. This revenue assurance solution is used to protect the margins and revenues in such competitive market. It is an end to end solution providing assurance that customers are being satisfied with the services being offered. It performs validation for Internal Benchmarking.

Features of Revenue Assurance:

  • Confirmation and accuracy of charging
  • User defined test parameters
  • Timely reports
  • Alerts to defined escalation matrix
  • Revenue stream audit

Benefits of Revenue Assurance:

  • Less support cost.
  • Proactive warning of self-service failures.
  • Full visibility into the end user experience and quality of service.
  • Ensure operational excellence of end to end service.
  • Mapping of success and failure issue.