Device Testing

Majority of customers expect and demand fast web browsing & mobile applications on their Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. Managing user experience on mobile devices is becoming a big challenge for manufacturers. Causatives of these challenges are multifold and are briefly described below:

  • Voice/Data behavior across Operators
  • Content compatibility issues
  • Unfriendly device user interface
  • Application usability and compatibility issues
  • Operator/Enterprise application issues

Mobile Device Testing involves a set of activities from monitoring and troubleshooting mobile application, content and services on real handsets. Testing includes verification, validation of hardware devices and software applications.

TestMax Device Testing platform ensures devices are always updated, users have an immediate access to a full range of applications and services. It includes comprehensive, quantitative-driven tests that produce trust worthy mobile device performance data.

Features of Device Testing

Security Testing

Probing is done for common vulnerabilities like memory utilization and data security by supplying non-conformal data to the application & checking for leakages.

Geographic Testing

Tests are conducted in multiple geographic locations across the area of operations to ensure that the application is able to deliver acceptable performance under different network coverage areas.

Usability Testing

Testing is done on every feature of the application on number of different mobile brands, platform and physical characteristics to ensure optimum usability by the end user.