Ensuring the maintenance of desired quality of network and other services


Suite of tools combined together for network, content, device, and service testing.

Deliver the best services to your customers with network, device, and application testing on real-time parameters

Capture customer experience proactively through inside out approach

Manage Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience with ready-to-deploy applications and devices via pre- and post-launch testing

Crowdsourcing Tests

TestMax performs tests by serving as a customer for real-time reports and actionable data for respective teams

Regular Audits

Analyse network, applications, and devices at regular schedules for long-term quality maintenance

Smartphone Device Testing

Test your devices before launch, for compatibility with different networks and applications.

M2M Device Testing

Behavior of M2M modules is tested over consumer-facing parameters, like networks, devices, and more.

Network Health Check

Network is monitored regularly to deliver a drop-free service

Application Testing

Ensure lag-free functioning of your application, by testing various aspects of its functions and features.

  • No need to spend hefty amount to avail testing services, when you can choose an appropriate subscription plan for your needs

  • Test products before deployment to raise the quality level of services, meeting customer expectations

  • Proactive testing of various aspects ensures smooth flow of your services, for the first time, and for the rest of customer lifecycle as well

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