Clever blend of device management and diagnostic solutions


Tools integrated to help companies enhance their customers’ experience with their devices

Empower your support agents to guide customers at every step of their consumer lifecycle, managing their devices and resolving issues from a single unified platform

Deliver Efficient Device Management and Support Services

Total Control

Take charge of the support service and manage your customers' experience at every step

Minimize Costs

Remotely handle end-user issues, reducing service center and return costs

Satisfied Customers

Quick and efficient support makes customers feel content, and fosters a long-term business-consumer relationship

Over The Air Control

DeviceMax allows OTA management of network, configuration, and other device related challenges

Remote Diagnostic

Diagnose and resolve end-user facing issues remotely to offer an error-free experience to your customers

Autonomous Troubleshooting

Self Care App takes care of basic device issues, cutting the need of a customer-agent interaction

Wide Range of Devices

Enable support for various device brands and OS platforms, including both global and local ones

  • Management solutions for telecom operators are backed by a huge, tested, and verified database covering almost every device, platform, issue, and related resolutions

  • Each problem needs a different approach. Regardless of the growing number of devices, DeviceMax empowers your support agents to quickly detect the root issue, and smartly help users eliminate the same

  • Combination of DeviceMax with other services helps you serve different aspects of consumer issues with a single solution pack

Product Demo

Understand how DeviceMax integrates with your solutions to improve care environment.

Product Brochure

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