A Connected Ecosystem for Safety & Security

Safety & security is no more a synonym for post event investigation. With seamless M2M communication, you get real time notifications upon an unexpected activity. You get notified as soon as a door opens unexpectedly, when there is human motion in a prohibited area, when cameras are tampered and other unexpected scenarios.

Business Benefits through Technology

IT Security

Keep your valuable IT assets & server rooms safe.

  • Prevent Sever Overheating
  • Prevent Equipment Corrosion


Smart Security & Monitoring

Keep your enterprise protected from intrusion and unwanted activities.

  • Real Time Alerts & Notifications
  • 24/7 Monitoring


Access Control & Video Verification

No more surprise entries in the premises & sensitive areas.

  • Control over People Entry/Exit
  • Real Time Notifications upon Intrusion


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Ensure fire safety at your premises.

  • Smoke Detector & Alarm
  • Distinguish False & True Alarms from Anywhere


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