KocharTech build Solutions that enable global customers to embrace mobility with ease, improve business results and effectively maximize ROI.

Our managed service platforms and solutions help Operators, Enterprises and Consumers Simplify Technology in the new of age digital lifestyle.

Our Solutions and Managed delivery platforms help 5 of the top 25 global operators and some of Fortune 500 companies.

Recognized by industry for innovation with Most Innovative Mobile Enterprise Product & Solution Aegis Graham Bell 2011 & 2012 award.

KocharTech, an organization with significant years of experience in providing solutions to the Telecom Operators for their connected consumer challenges. Our Platforms & Managed services are being used by 5 out of top 25 global operators which helped them in enhancing their Connected Device Experience and increasing the revenue.

KocharTech offers Managed Services solutions in the field of enterprise mobility. Our solutions have enabled some of the Fortune 500 companies to securely manage and grow their dispersed workforce.

KocharTech’s solutions for Consumers help the users Do More with their IOT and Smart Devices to get the most from their technology investments. Here we offer complete peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure. You can track all the activities through sensors, cameras and other smart devices from anywhere, anytime by a single touch on your smartphone.